What new group in the "Classmates"

In the "Classmates" there are several thousand communities of interest. The audience of some hundreds of thousands, while others are private communities for a narrow circle of people.

Before you understand how to create a "Classmates" group, you should decide what you want from her. Can be done, for example, a community for your fellow students to facilitate learning, but you can organize interesting public for a large number of people that will benefit them and you financial reward. If you provide any services or sell products, the group will also be a great free advertising platform that will also bring you benefits.

Deciding which group to do in the "Classmates" in the first place, proceed from your interests. If your goal is a popular community, be sure to consider vosstrebovannost subjects. So, among men the most popular community with interesting humor, review of sports events, groups on automotive topics, issues of business development. Women concerned about pregnancy and children, cooking, the secrets of homemaking, fashion and style, self-development. Children and Teens are willing to join various fan groups, and in the community on the themes of games, drawing and other activities.

How to create a group in the "Classmates"

To make a group, go to your profile and look under the menu "Groups".

You will see the list of communities to which you belong, as well as a large icon "Create group" on which to click.

In the resulting window, select the type of the community:

- for business (if you are a representative of the company);

- interests (this item should be selected for any other public servers).

Next, enter an intriguing, but short and succinct name of the community, fully reflects the essence of the project. In detail fill in the group description, and download eye-catching avatar.

Select privacy settings: you can make a group open, available to all users of "Odnoklassniki", or closed, to accept only the right people.

Then click on the "Create"button.

You managed to make a group in the "Classmates", you can now fill your community with the correct information.

How to promote the group in the "Classmates"

To create a group in social network is quite simple, but to attract visitors to it is much more difficult.

To make popular community, consider the following guidelines:

- fill group is useful for potential visitors.

- regularly post new posts at different times, both morning and evening;

- invite your friends and ask them to call the community of friends;

- create posts motivating people to join the public;

- daily invite to the group the maximum number of strangers;

- advertise your community in a popular close on the subject of the public servers (if allowed by administrators);

- use the services of agents if you have it siedztwa;

- organize the ability for users to communicate and to take the initiative;

- give the feedback.

All this will help not just to create a group in the "Classmates", but also quickly attract the attention of a wide audience.