In most cases, the cause of the low speed of the Internet is your data plan. On most tariff plans there is a restriction on the amount of transferred information. When it reaches this amount, the provider forcibly limited to the speed of your Internet connection. This condition is indicated in the contract for the provision of communications services, but not a single operator is not paying attention. Way – to pay the provider for additional information or to monitor the volume of traffic transmitted.

Also on the speed of the Internet 3G modem is affected by your location. The density of buildings, the terrain can be detrimental to the quality of the received signal. Resulting in the observed dips in speed.

The lack of equipment for 3G networks on the base station also negatively effect the speed of the Internet. After all, the best speed is achieved in a network with HSDPA, 3G and without it is impossible. Consult your operator's coverage area 3G networks.

As a variant, try to change your location; you can also try to connect an external antenna (some modems have a special connector) for signal amplification. At a certain position of the antenna can achieve good results.

The workload of the base station operator can also affect the speed. When using the modem in the same place at different times of the day Internet speed may vary. This is due to the large load experienced by the equipment operator at different times of the day. Since the same network can reach a large number of users, and the load, and thus the speed change. Try to track the dependence of the speed of the modem time of day and schedule the work in the network is least busy time.