You will need
  • a modem, a computer, a phone with a SIM card MTS
You can change the tariff of Internet access. On unlimited tariffs is offered MTS, there is a limit to the volume of traffic. If you exceed the traffic volume, the speed drops to 64 Kbit/s rate "Bezlimit-Mini" is installed restricting traffic 250 MB/day, at the rate of "Bezlimit-Maxi" - 500 MB/day, and at the rate of "Bezlimit-Super" - 1000 MB/day. That is, if you regularly are confronted with speed limits, you should choose a tariff with a large volume of the included traffic.
If you want to maximize the speed of Internet access for a certain period of time, you can use the service MTS "Turbo button". Two versions are available of this service: "Turbo button "2" (2 hours use) and "Turbo button "6" (6 hours of use).
There are 3 ways to connect the service "Turbo button". You can dial on your phone *111*622# to connect options "Turbo button "2" or *111*626# to connect options "Turbo button "6". The second option is to send SMS to 111. If you want to activate the option "Turbo button "2" in the SMS should be the code 622, and, if you want to activate the option "Turbo button "6", insert the SMS code 626. And finally, you can connect this service through the service "Internet assistant". To do this, go to the website and enter in the appropriate places in your number and password. For the password, type on your phone *111*25#.