Who gives a goddaughter or godson

According to tradition the cross is buying the godfather. This attribute can be purchased in advance, but then the cross should be given to the priest, to the consecrated. You can also buy in the Church shop.

In turn, the godmother takes on will kriimu and baptismal shirt for a boy or girl's dress. You can buy and ready-made baptismal set. In addition to diapers and clothing it will also include the cap. You should pay special attention to the material from which made crysma. He is good enough to absorb moisture to avoid hypothermia in a child.

Baptismal dress for girls: traditions and superstitions

The clothes in which the child was baptized, you cannot lend or sell. This garment leaves his family to memory. According to Christian tradition, the dress that was in the day the girl can then wear for the baptism of her sister. The people believed that this beneficial effect on strengthening relations between them.

There are other signs. According to popular belief, the baptismal garment has two unique properties – to protect their owner (or its owner) throughout their life and to cure serious diseases. But because the baptismal kit should be kept as family heirlooms and hidden away from prying eyes.

What should be a christening dress for girls

The Church never imposes baptismal clothes special requirements. However, there are some generally accepted criteria. First, clothing should be quite long - several inches below the feet. Second, it should be a light shade, a better white color, symbolizing the cleansing of sin.

Prefer natural soft fabric with smooth seams and a comfortable neckline. In addition, a baptismal dress for girls should be comfortable and have the minimum number of ties that it can be easily removed for immersion in the font. As for the cap, during the period of his ordinances will need to remove.

Remember that clothing for baptism should not hamper the movements. Choose a dress for girls casual genuine soft tissues. May it be decorated with satin ribbons and lace, but do not overdo it with the decor of clothing. Although the dress and is sold by the triumph, the excessive amount of jewelry can give the clothes a ridiculous and pretentious look, and it looks like in Church is inappropriate.

Clothes for baptism can make and/or decorate their hands. Tailoring will take a small amount of time, but for the solemn event it is better to prepare in advance. Well, if this work will be carried godmother.

In addition, will look great and the christening dress is crocheted of natural threads. Usually the bottom is decorated with many ruffles and frills. To decorate the finished product can artificial flowers, embroidery, lace, beading, openwork netting. Another great idea - knitting christening dresses for girls. However, if the sacrament will occur in the summer, it is necessary to approach the choice of material carefully. In hot weather the girls where wearing knitted from thick wool dress, can occur heat stroke.