Causes of heaviness in the stomach

For heaviness in the abdomen during pregnancy complains most expectant mothers. Reasons because of which there is discomfort, a lot, but mostly this is due to the intra-abdominal pressure under the weight of the uterus. Also pain caused due to gases accumulated in the intestine.

Sometimes the weight feels reminiscent of urination. This is the result of the fact that the uterus presses on the bladder. Another reason taking vitamins that cause stomach pain. In this case you need to refer to a gastroenterologist.

All these causes of heaviness in the abdomen during pregnancy do not apply to obstetric, that is, do not threaten neither the woman or the fetus. There is another group pain that occurs when ectopic pregnancy and placental abruption. This should be treated with the utmost seriousness. All of this can cause miscarriage or premature birth.

With this threat in the abdomen a woman feels a nagging pain, and vaginal bleeding out. In this case, you need to immediately call an ambulance. Experts will quickly perform all the manipulation and take the pregnant woman to the hospital. How timely assistance will be provided, depends the life of the expectant mother and her unborn child.

Heaviness in the abdomen may also occur due to ectopic pregnancy. It is a pathology when the embryo develops in the fallopian tube rather than the uterus. This deviation can be easily detected using ultrasound. However, sometimes women themselves do not suspect about your interesting position or have not done ultrasound. If time does not go to the doctors, a growing oocyte will burst the fallopian tube and the woman will feel severe pain in the abdomen. This happens at the fifth-eighth week of pregnancy.

If heaviness in the lower abdomen in women has not been accompanied by dizziness, bleeding, cramping, seizures, experience is not necessary. This phenomenon is considered normal in the first trimester: the uterus grows and rises blood flow.
If heaviness in the abdomen do not give rest to the expectant mother in the third trimester, it could signal preterm labor. If the pain is accompanied by regular uterine contractions, bleeding, pain, a discharge of amniotic fluid, the urgent need to call an ambulance.


If the causes of heaviness in the abdomen — naguszewski nature, so not to worry. You may need to reduce the portions of food taken, eat as many vegetables, yogurt to ease the digestion, more to be outdoors.