You will need
  • - consultation of the gynecologist.
Of course, such a state can not leave a woman indifferent, but often its concerns are unfounded, and this state is transient. When analyzing the situation it is important to assess the overall condition of the expectant mother, fetus and the pregnancy.
If the stomach hardens in a short time and this state is held for 1-2 minutes, talking about the increased tone of the uterus. This condition can occur when a stressful situation due to physical stress. In this case, the woman should lie down and try to calm down. If there are single instances of such a state, but not to worry, but the doctor still need to report it.
If the hypertonicity of the uterus often develops and the pregnancy is small, you need to consult a doctor because it may be a harbinger of incipient spontaneous abortion.
When this condition develops in the period of 25-27 weeks and delivery is still far away, also need to seek emergency medical attention: an increased tone of the uterus at this time may cause oxygen starvation of the child, and prolonged and enduring as the hard uterus threatened abortion.
In late pregnancy, starting at 30 weeks, often marked the training bout, which can also manifest themselves by increased tone of the uterus. Usually, this condition can happen up to 4 times within one hour while the fight is quickly stopped.
This condition is quite normal for this period of pregnancy the uterus prepares to leave, and these contractions are called false or training. To track dynamics of this process, a woman should keep a diary of observations and record the time and duration of contractions. If regular contractions are not marked, do not worry.
If childbirth was still far away, in such moments, the woman needs to lie down and try to relax. For this matter deeply and to breathe and to think about pleasant things. If the feeling stone belly do not pass, and the pain is worse – it is necessary to consult a doctor.
If necessary, the doctor will prescribe the examination and will prescribe special drugs to stabilize the condition of the uterus and reduction of the skin to prevent premature birth.
If the survey revealed a deviation from the norm, the woman offered inpatient treatment, with the appointment of complex therapy aimed at reducing the tone of the uterus. When this is not necessary, the treatment can be ambulatory.
The emergence of such symptoms prior to delivery, coupled with the regularity of contractions, which will only get stronger, occur more often and become more painful, means that she was in labor and need to go to the hospital.