What is a building permit

A building permit is a document that establishes the right of the owner, owner, tenant or user of any of the property to site development, construction and reconstruction of buildings and landscaping (clause 1, article 62 of the town planning code of the Russian Federation).

Application form on issuance of a construction permit, the process and timing of consideration of the statement, the list of materials submitted for consideration, permission form, process and the introduction of it into effect, and sequence of appeal against refusal to issue a building permit painted in the town planning code. They are presented in the form of laws and other normative legal acts of constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The construction permit and approved design documentation in the future are registered by local authorities (clause 4, article 62 of the town planning code of the Russian Federation). The Code contains a detailed set of rules under which the possible denial of a building permit.

Denial of building permit

The local authority can refuse approval if the design documentation does not meet the approved use of the site or a given building rules and regulations. The decision of the local authority on the grant or denial of the construction permit may be appealed in court.

The construction permit the term of validity limited in time. In accordance with the town planning code shall not exceed 3 years. But this permit can be renewed based on the application of the customer. The process and duration of a building permit in the end approved by the local authorities.

On the town-planning code the building permit is not required if the work on construction of objects of real estate not associated with a design and other elements of the reliability and safety of buildings and structures, as well as in the case of the erection of temporary structures on sites that are required for the construction and installation works.

The law "About architectural activity in the Russian Federation" establishes an additional criterion, which requires the issuance of a permit: changing the appearance of the city or other settlements and their objects (clause 2, article 3). When the transfer of ownership of property the permit for the construction remains, but is subject to re-registration.