You will need
  • - your passport;
  • - a certificate of ownership to house and land;
  • - copy of cadastral passport of the house and land;
  • - statement by the Department of architecture and urban planning;
  • - signature on the issued document to the head of administration, head of district fire brigade, the head of the regional municipal services;
  • project of the extension;
  • - the act of agreeing with the neighbors (if the extension will be located very close to the buildings);
  • - permission for the construction of an extension from the chief architect of the district;
  • - construction passport.
Illegal extension is not always possible to formalize, even through the courts, and in some cases they are forced to remove it forcibly, for example, when not complied with building regulations. To issue a permit, you must collect a number of documents.
Contact the district Department of architecture and urban planning. Imagine a certificate of title to house and land, as well as a copy of the cadastral plan of the house and land, apply for a permit. Architect specify the location on the plan where you want to build an addition, and its desired size.
Having reviewed your documents and application, you will be given a document which must be certified in fire protection, local administration, municipal service district. If building codes between your building and neighboring buildings will not be observed on a certain square, and in each region it can be completely different, you have to take the act of agreeing with the neighbors that they not against that that you will build an addition. It is written in a simple form by hand and signed by all the neighbors, with housing which the structure will stand too close.
Sign the document in these instances. It has a special column, which will enter its resolution all the heads of departments and affix the official seals of their organizations.
Invite your architect to draft annexes. Make a plan of engineering communications is not necessary, as it was obtained at the stage of basic construction, and all communications in the Annex you will spend from the main house.
With all the collected documents, please contact the Department of architecture and urban planning. Chief architect of the district will issue a permit and construction certificate on the basis of which you issue built an extension in accordance with the requirements of the law.