You will need
  • -passport
  • -statement
  • -documents of title to land
  • home project
  • -project engineering-technical communications
  • -presented the architecture of the form,with the signatures of the head of local administration, head of regional utilities, the district superintendent of fire protection
  • -new site plan (made specifically for obtaining the building permit)
  • -certificate of construction approval from neighbors, if stations are located too close and not decorated building codes
  • -building permit and construction certificate
To obtain a building permit should contact the regional Department of architecture and urban planning statement, the documents of title to the site and site plan. Moreover, the new plan is needed, so you should call the surveyors who will conduct a series of activities for obtaining a building permit.
Having examined your application and documents, you will be given a form to sign in the local administration, the district utilities and the district fire Department.
You will also need to call the architect for drawing up the architectural project and of the project of summing up the engineering and technical communications.
With all the collected documents, plans and projects need to refer back to the Department of architecture and urban planning.
If the distance between adjacent stations and the planned construction does not meet technical standards development, I would say additionally to get a written agreement with its neighbors, areas which are too close. Approval you can write by hand and all the neighbors to sign it.
After reviewing the submitted documents, the chief architect will be the construction approval and construction certificate. All permits are issued for a period of 10 years. If at the end of the term of the construction permission house not to be commissioned, all documents will need to collect again and to renew the construction permit.
Immediate construction need to be strictly at the specified location and in accordance with the architectural project.