Decide what you are going to produce in your house fall under the category of reconstruction. Reconstruction involves changes at homethat violate the safety or rights of third parties, or exceeding the limit parameters of permitted construction.
Before carrying out work on reconstruction of the contact to the local authority in your region for the issuance of permits for construction and reconstruction. In it, you can get the sample application for the reconstruction and recommended a list of documents and consultations.
Collect a sample set of documents which you will need to design the reconstruction of the house in any case. It the following documents:1. statement;
2. a copy of the certificate of title for the land on which the house is located;
3. cadastral plan of land plot;
4. project documentation on the house;
5. the plan house and land BTI;
6. help BTI on the facilities of the house;
7. specifications;
8. the identity document (passport);
9. if the house belongs to several persons, you need notarized consent of his. the co-owners. In some cases, may require additional documents.
After receiving permission for the reconstruction and execution of complex of works on reconstruction will receive a permit for introduction house in operation. For this you need to apply the same authority to which you applied for the permit for reconstruction. It is necessary to attach a document certifying that the building is reconstructed according to the specifications, design documentation, and also permit reconstruction of the house, the documents of title to house and land. After obtaining permission for commissioning of the reconstruction can be considered decorated.