Construction of private homes is a complicated, expensive, but at the same time extremely exciting process. Before the construction of the house, you have a long way to go, because the house is not only walls, but also site selection, preparation of documents, creation of project, a cost calculation. And only after all these preliminary works, you are ready to buy building material and the construction.

What documents do I need to build a house

After the selection of a site for construction of a private house it is necessary to issue the relevant documents on it and to obtain permission to build on it.

The right of possession of land defines a contract of sale or order of administration of the settlement on its allocation to a private person, passport section with its detailed plan, address and description of features.

After obtaining a building permit you can begin to create a building project. Doing this usually specialist companies, whose employees are in the design take into account the characteristics of the soil, its location, climatic conditions of the region. In addition, they will provide the necessary guidance on the choice of construction materials that will last as long as possible in this region, and estimate of construction.

After approval of the project house in the administration of the settlement should be to permit communications to the site. After all, without the availability of water and electricity to perform work is uncomfortable and difficult, and the construction will take a very long time.

What materials are needed to build a house

For construction of residential house will need a huge amount of different building materials. Certain materials are better to buy in stages, as during the execution of the works subject to adjustments in the project, and some of them may not be suitable for some parameters.

In the first phase of construction acquired the basic material, some of which will be erected the walls of a building, for example, a wooden block, brick or concrete panels. In addition, before construction of the walls will need to prepare the ground for them – a Foundation. Will need a heater, and means for pre-finishing of walls and materials to protect them from exposure to the environment.

The second phase of construction – the construction of the roof. Would need the rafters and roofing material. After the end is erected a roof, start vysilani sexes.

To conduct communications required of the pipe corresponding to the type of supply for water or katopodi. For electricity and telephone lines necessary wooden supports and cable.

And only on the fourth and fifth stages starts the external and internal decoration of the house. The choice of materials depends on the type of interior, and their estimated cost, from the willingness and financial capabilities of the owner.