Provide documents of land to the Registrar and a certificate, which says that the desired structure is inside it. This document take the Department of architecture and urban planning. Then complete the Declaration. In accordance with article 222 of the civil code, the structure can be registered only when the site is decorated in a private property or rent. However, this is applicable only to those constructions which are within the city limits and not in the protected or conservation area.
Please contact the judiciary if no title documents for the land. At this stage, the difficulty will be in collecting all the necessary papers, because each reference is limited in time, and each is issued on the basis of the previous one. You must submit a document confirming that the site where the structure was allocated legally. In addition, the court must provide a paper proving the right of ownership to a building, an extract from the house register, plan BTI, account, technical conclusion, the act of boundaries, a certificate from the sanitary-epidemiological service and fire inspection.
Compile and submit to the district court a statement of claim. The plaintiff is the owner, defendant - administration of a city or region, a third person who is registered at the address specified in the application. Make copies of all documents including a statement and considering the number of persons involved in the case. Pay legal costs, all the required details take the court. To the claim, attach original receipts. Documents can be sent by mail with acknowledgment of receipt, or to give in person.
Confirm at the preliminary meeting with judge their claims. Will then be a hearing which you will be summoned. You need to consider that if the cost structure will be less than 100 thousand rubles, the case will be heard by a judge of a local site, otherwise in the district court. After the decision will come into force, must apply to the Federal registration service in order to make the necessary construction.