The only body which currently is mandated by the state for the issuance of construction licenses for all the activities is ROSSSTROY. It gives nominal forms of licences that specify the names of all licensees with their INN, the license number in the state registry of licenses, registration address and information about licensing terms. In addition, the license specifies the types of work that this document gives the right to exercise the licensees.
Consider the question of whether your firm needs a license for all types of construction work – the task much more difficult conditions for obtaining a license. At your disposal must be professionals with diplomas and the possibility of carrying them all listed in the classification of activities. You also need proof that you have, at least in the lease, there is a corresponding special equipment.
If you are sure of the need to obtain such a license, keep in mind that all the experts your company needs to have a special education in construction and at least 50% of them – higher, specialty. In addition, they need experience working in the construction of not less than 3 years.
For special work – electrical or plumbing you should also have a special education for your staff. An additional requirement for all employees of the company should have documents confirming that they have passed courses of improvement of qualification not later than 5 years before the date of submission of documents to the License center.
Note also that for obtaining a license for all construction work, you'll need to the office where your organization is located, was in her ownership or, at least, was leased from the owner. This office must be local phone
Formally, to obtain a license, you must pay the state fee in the amount of 300 to 1000 rubles to prepare the documents, confirming state registration of your company and the fact that it is on tax accounting, as well as to collect information on staffing of their employees, existing technology and implemented in the enterprise management System and quality control.
But, actually, you also have to pay for the contractual services of the Federal licence centre, which can be up to several tens of thousands of rubles. The center receives documents from applicants, check and control the correctness of filling the required documents, consultations, formation and storage of license files. Contact territorial Central licensing with the statement for registration of the license, enclose a contract for services, pay and staff training and expertise. You will then receive the right to exercise specified in the statement of activities.