You will need
  • - Copy of cadastral plan;
  • plan, sketch project;
  • resolution of the chief architect;
  • - consent of the lessee;
  • resolution of SES;
  • - permission of the fire inspection;
  • - resolution of power;
  • - act housing Commission;
  • - insurance policy;
  • documents for housing;
  • - your passport;
  • - appeals in all these instances.
If you are going to change the slab to carry load-bearing walls, plumbing, stationary gas or electric cooker, to reorganize the room, ventilation shafts, plumbing, Sewerage or heating, it shall issue the permit, as any of the following refers to the reconstruction of the premises. For illegal reconstruction will impose a huge administrative fines and will be forced to bring everything back to normal.
To obtain permission, contact the BTI. Get a copy of the cadastral plan. Submit it to the Department of architecture and urban planning. Write a statement to call the architect to get to a professional project and a sketch of the future reconstruction. The project will be developed in accordance with all technical rules and sanitary norms with the requirements of the fire inspection and other departments.
Imagine the documents to the Department of architecture and urban planning for approval and resolution to the chief architect of the district. If the technical documents are approved, refer them to the managing utility company. You will stamp and resolution.
Next, contact the fire Department and SES. If in these instances will be all aligned, then you will need to visit the companies who supply energy, electricity, gas, water, heating, and submit technical documents for signature to the responsible persons.
Contact the housing Commission, who work with local Department of Housing policy of the city or district. You make the act of carrying out the redevelopment. Sign it at the head of the district administration.
Contact your insurance company. Pay for the insurance policy of civil liability insurance, as without having a policy not to start construction and installation work.
Don't forget that all services are paid. Each resolution and print issued from two to three months, because everywhere the place, and turning for the first time, you will only receive a notification of what number is written to a particular official.