What are the paint on the rust?

Among the compounds, prevents the development of corrosion, there is priming, staining, priming enamel. They all have the same properties, but have different drying time, color, hue, composition, and terms of use.

Before applying any of the above means, the metal surface should be cleaned from rust, dust and dirt, degrease. The easiest way to do this with the help of special tools, caustic laugh. The most popular and effective – enamel-grunt "Ravoet-Universal. This part will simultaneously clean and apply a Prime coating metal. Among this series are the compounds staining the surface. Thus, in order to obtain a rich color is enough to apply a second coat of Raveed".

What kind of paint over the rust better?

A lot of positive reviews from owners of garages, metal fences, boats about paint on rust Hammerite. It belongs to the category of fast drying (2 hours), but for high-quality coating requires the application of at least two layers. This composition is recommended for use only in warm, wet weather.

If there is no time or the desire to engage in pre-treatment of metal, you can use the paint Neramit". It is made on the basis of alkyd resins, fast-drying, rust corrodes. But keep in mind that when applying this paint on untreated surface coating layer is sometimes a relief. On the prepared and primed metal, the paint will lay down smoother that will provide the product an attractive appearance.

If you need a cheap paint over the rust, you can buy "iron Minimum". This product has excellent covering ability. It can be used in case if you need to quickly bring a garage, a fence or anything else in proper form. "Iron minimum" fits well and due to the thick layer of coating effectively masks any flaws. But you need to know that in the fight against corrosion, it is less effective than the above-mentioned tools. However, over a long period of time will keep the one that was obtained after staining.

One of the most expensive and high-quality tools in the fight against rust, paint Alpina Direct auf Rost). It belongs to the category of priming enamels and was specifically designed for the treatment of rusted metal. This paint is different in that it has no lead that is present in many other compounds. It is almost odorless, durable, has good covering ability. Before its application, the metal is sufficient to clean only dirt and dust.