You will need
  • - rust Converter;
  • - mastic;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - scraper.
If you want to spend less money to buy new parts for the body, then promptly treat the bottom and fenders of your car anti-corrosion agents. These places are the most susceptible to corrosion because the underside of the car is often subjected to minor damages. Other, more affordable places can be easily treated with special anti-corrosion compounds.
Put the car on a lift. Wash the bottom of the machine and clean the surface from old Antikor, which has already peeled off. In hidden places in the bottom stuffed with a lot of dirt and only when the sandblasting method is a good way to clear it all out. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times. One of the advantages of this method - instant drying. If you wash the bottom with water in the cracks is moisture. And applying anti-corrosion coating for moisture and dirt does not give any results.
Remove all loose putty sharpened screwdriver, a scraper or steel brush. Metal that already started to rust, treat with rust Converter. The most popular converters believe the brand "Rust-Eater" and "feran". After processing by the Converter can be applied to the bottom protective mastic.
Purchase autenticar. A variety of mastic anticorrosive action is great. This is usually a thick mass, which serves to maintain the metal parts of the underbody of the car from corrosion. Check with your dealer that it is better to choose based on the needs of your car.
Pay attention to automotive products company "Hammerite" (England). The manufacturer introduced a whole line of care products for machine: putty, rust Converter, primer. Moreover, the kit includes the pumps, nozzles, cables and hoses, generally all that is necessary when carrying out anti-corrosion treatment of the car.