To pick up paint on a car, you need to understand what is automotive paint. This paint is part of a group of enamels, as its main components a pigment substance and varnish. When applying the paint to the surface you need to knowthat it dries out unevenly. First dry the top layers and give the impression that the process is complete. But it's not. The lower layers are still subject to deformation, so the car can not go. When the paint is completely dry, it will create a protective effect. The surface takes on color, structure and Shine. It should be noted that with the advancement of technology has significantly increased the number of possible color schemes. For the right selection of paint color, it is desirable to use the services of computer kolerovschik. By the way, under the hood of any car is the VIN number, which indicated the factory body color. But we must remember that over time, paint fades, and partial repair will have to carefully find the right shade. So you have to choose the right paint on the car.Gloss level automotive paints compared with a benchmark, which is black glass. The level of gloss is equal to 100%, for the perfect look of the car enough to automotive paint 60% gloss. The protective properties of the paint are manifested in opposition to the sun's rays, rainfall, and the corrosive action and the contamination by unwanted substances. In addition the paint layer must have sufficient strength and hardness. In addition, this layer must be resistant to temperature changes and not crack during bending. The perfect cold resistance for automotive paints is determined by the temperature of the temperate zone.When choosing a car paint not need to know some well-known companies. The result of painting depends primarily on the professionalism of the master and technical equipment of the service station. Furthermore, accompanying the painting materials should be of high quality. Only in this case your car will sparkle with any paint.