You will need
  • Detergent, brush, fine sandpaper, masking tape, thinner, primer, paint, lacquer.
If you decide to paint the wheels, the first to be puzzled is to purchase required materials. Primer, paint and lacquer should choose the special wheels for: acrylic enamel disks acrylic clear varnish, anticorrosive acrylic primer – they have high wear resistance to mechanical stress. For painting small items it is better to use paint in spray cans. The solvent whatever sandpaper needs to be fine – suitable for rubbing scratches, not to create them. As a detergent shampoo suitable for washing machines, in extreme cases, ordinary washing powder.
Paint for wheels
Before priming the wheels, you need to clean and wash dirt and corrosion with a brush with plastic bristles, for cleaning in hard to reach areas perfect toothbrush. The discs are washed and cleaned with both external and internal parties. Better if the wheels are without tires, it's much more convenient when painting, and just by the fact that they are so much easier, but if the tires still allow operation, do not ressortiront, wheels can be painted so.
The old drive before painting
When the discs are washed they should be smoothed out with sandpaper to a uniform matte finish when the desired effect is achieved degrease the surface with solvent and allow the disks to dry well. Now it is necessary to separate the painted surface from the tyre, you will need thin cardboard and molar adhesive tape, and tape wrap the nipple of the wheel, for just one its not paint. You can start priming disk. Apply 2-3 coat with a gap of 15-20 minutes between layers for drying. Wait until the primer has dried.
The disk is prepared for priming
When the primer is completely dry, you can begin to paint the disk. Apply 2-3 coats of paint with an interval of 15-20 minutes. Apply the paint evenly, preventing the formation of stains. Once the paint is dry, you can apply varnish, it is applied in 2-3 layers with an interval of 25-30 minutes. Wait for final and complete drying of the varnish, may have to leave the discs to dry overnight, then flip the disk and repeat the procedure for painting the back of the disk. Leave the disks for a day for complete drying. Now you can surprise friends original color and rims of your car. Believe me nobody will remain indifferent.
Painting disk