Mechanical rust removal

The first step in the painting rusty metal is its purification from rust. This process can take quite a lot of time, but without it, the paint quality is very low. To remove rust you can use metal brush. This tool can be used either manually or find a special attachment for the drill.

Clean with a brush, the surface should be carefully smoothed with a grinder machine. If your goal is to clear a large surface of metal, perhaps the best option would be to use sanding. This device will help get rid of the rust pretty quickly, without spending much effort. In addition, this machine will help you deal with the rust in hard to reach places where manual removal will be impossible.

Chemical rust removal

To remove rust you can also use special chemicals that simply dissolve. By such means, first and foremost, strong alkalis and acids. If you decide to use this method, be extremely careful when working with chemical reagents.

Rust can not be removed, and turn it into a solid film by means of chemical transmitters. Such converters can be purchased in the form of an emulsion or suspension. However, such tools have their drawbacks, for example, they add a tint to the paint, which is covered with metal, furthermore, the metal layer due to the use of these funds becomes slightly thicker.


The next stage of metal preparation is the cleaning of dirt and remove fat from the surface. Without these procedures, the painting will also be of poor quality. Wipe the surface of the metal using a strong detergent. Such funds are often made based on citrus oils that are very effective at cleaning the rusty surfaces. After such treatment the metal may appear rusty spots. To get rid of them the usual solvent, moisten it a piece of material.


The cleaned surface should be thoroughly coated with an inhibiting primer, containing in its composition iron oxide, or chromate of zinc. Apply this tool by following the instructions for its use. Try not to use the spray primer may not fill the entire porous surface of the metal.


Apply on the surface of the metal 2 layer of paint, it can be both matte and glossy. For applying the paint use brush or roller. These tools will provide maximum contact with the surface, unpainted areas will not remain.