Cucumbers – long companions of the farmers. It's nice to eat green, juicy fruit plucked from the garden. So as early as possible to get the opportunity, you need to first grow seedlings of cucumbers. On such plants the crop is 3-4 weeks earlier than those grown from seed planted directly in the ground.
Seeds buried in the open or protected ground, when the threat passes the return spring frosts. In the middle lane – it's the end of may. At the same time, it is possible to grow cucumber seedlings, which will quickly give the first crop.

How to grow cucumber seedlings

It is important to know a few rules:

1. So the seedlings were strong, her landing on a permanent place should be no more than a month. Usually it is 20-25 days.
2. Be sure the seeds should be planted immediately in individual pots wide. This plant does not like it when he once again alarm, so swordplay is excluded. The roots of cucumber growing in breadth, for this reason pots should not be narrow.
3. Plant grown at home, can extend. To avoid this, do not need to create too high a room temperature and it is necessary to observe moderation in watering. This will help to avoid stretching. The seedlings will be strong, stocky and have dark green leaves.

Once knowledge is obtained, the theory can be realized in practice, but it is a fascinating exercise. Interesting to see how a little seed grows, eventually turns into a bushy plant, which first appear yellow flowers and then green fruit.

From seed to fruit

Before you plant seeds, put in a piece of fine fabric, placed in a light pink solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes to remove the spores of viral diseases. The seeds are then washed and placed in a bowl where you poured a little water, kept at room temperature for a day.

It's time for the hardening of the seeds. To do this, the bowl with the content put on the warmest shelf of the fridge too on the day. Now you can plant the seeds in separate pots, cover them with cellophane and put in a warm place for germination.

To the seedlings was not bad, not stretched, it is important to look 3 times a day (evening, morning, afternoon) to see if out of the ground cotyledons. As soon as they became visible, a pot of plant put on a light windowsill.
First, seedlings were grown in +28+23°C. At lower it may be difficult to grow. 3 days later it was lowered to +20°C. Then the seedlings will not retract. This will help and not very frequent watering. Pots moisturize as drying of the soil.

Cucumber likes to grow in the garden, rich in organic matter. In such plants thrive and yield will be excellent.