Cucumber is one of the favorite vegetables. Cultivation do it everywhere: cultivated in fields and in greenhouses vegetable farms on the ridges of the HOMESTEAD farms in apartments on the windowsill or on the balcony. Cucumber is cultivated in warmer areas and in cooler climates. Such a wide spread of cucumber obtained thanks to the precocity and yield.

Cucumber is an annual herbaceous plant of the Cucurbitaceae family. The homeland of the cucumber are the humid subtropics it is for this reason, to obtain high yield of cucumber requires a warm and humid microclimate. The cucumber growing seedling method is not quite correct reception. The root of the cucumber stem, length can reach 80-100 cm, But the bulk is at a depth of 20-30 centimeters. At the time of transplantation of seedlings, the root takes strong damage, and then a long time recovering and further gives a low yield. The best way to get an early crop of cucumbers is planting seeds in the warm range. A warm ridge to build in the open field and in a greenhouse at an earlier date. In the open ground to the ridge choose a Sunny and wind-protected place.

Soil preparation

Warm ridge is prepared from fresh cattle manure. A lot bertout width of 1.2 meters, custom lengths, height from 60 cm, But in each case, the sizes can be customized, depending on the availability of organic matter. Further, as the placing of organic matter, surely I come quickly tamped and shed water. Close the ridge of the prepared film and are waiting until then, when on the inside of the protectors will appear a drop of condensation. Ridge heats up to maximum temperature. After 4-5 days the temperature of combustion is lowered, and the first mushrooms to appear. At the time of occurrence of fungi form a ridge in the form of baths (depth 40 cm) or doing well (60x60 cm and depth 40 cm) through a certain distance. The wells fill with a soil layer of 20 cm and planted seeds (per square meter 4 seeds) to a depth of 3-4 cm, watered and cover with foil. A warm greenhouse is ready, as the germination of germs, over the ridge set of the arc. Watch the temperature of the air in the greenhouse and on Sunny days, open the foil for ventilation.

If for any reason you do not have the manure, you can use compost, folded from crop waste and household food waste. The top layer of stacked manure or pour a means to accelerate the composting of "Baikal EM-1". The size of the compost the individual ridges with a width of 1 meter. On the surface, pour the fertile soil layer of 20-30 cm and planted the germinated seeds or sprouts in peat pots or peat pellets.

The formation of cucumber

The growth and development of plants proceed to the formation of the stem. This is one of the main agronomic practices in the cultivation of cucumbers. On the sides of the ridge install poles with a height of 1.5 m, which are attached to the wire. From the Central wire to each spine omit a separate twine for tying vines of cucumber. The plant is formed in one main stem with side shoots. In the axils of the first four leaves, remove all stems and ovaries. The next two lateral escape of primitives after the first ovary of the first sheet and plate. Above the pinch on the second ovary and the second sheet. In the subsequent side shoots leaving three ovaries and three leaf plate. Upon reaching the Central escape of the height of the wire, escape throws and give grow to 60 cm, after which the Central primitive escape. It is impossible to prevent the development of side shoots – this will lead to shading of plants and yellowing of cucumbers. Throughout the growing period, remove yellowed leaves and side shoots otplodonosivshih. Mustache cut out because of inappropriate use of nutrients.