When choosing seeds it is necessary to pay attention to zasolochnye and intended for canning varieties. You should also consider the option of buying seeds of hybrid varieties. The hybrids will inherit the best qualities from the "parents", because will be more resistant to disease and percent more fertile. Cost seeds of hybrid varieties are more expensive.

For open ground you should not choose parthenocarpic, self-pollinating species. They are designed for greenhouses.

Landing. Sow cucumbers in the open ground when the air temperature reaches twenty degrees. Cucumber is a thermophilic vegetable. In warm weather, the seeds quickly germinate.

Garter. Trudging the Bush cucumbers require trellising. Also tied the plants need time to pluck the fruit, if they will think hang on the bushes will develop fewer young fruits.

The strengthened root system. To increase the resistance of plants certainly need to help the roots of cucumbers to grow and strengthen. To do this, pressing the root to the ground and tightly prisypaya a small amount of soil, helping to develop adventitious roots. Using these roots the plant will make it easier to absorb more water and nutrients.

Pollination. If insects that need to pollinate the flowers of cucumbers, not enough to help plants. For this you need to move pollen from male flower buds into female flowers with a brush.

Increasing the amount of carbon dioxide. Cucumbers, like any plant, depends largely on photosynthesis. If you produce soil mulching with manure, the content of carbon dioxide in the air will increase, thus accelerating the process of photosynthesis. The plant will grow faster.

Watering. It is known that the fruit of the cucumber is more than 90 percent water. Because the irrigation plants of cucumbers is a very important process for growth, development and fruit formation. Watering the bushes of cucumbers it is advisable twice a day with sufficient amount of warm water. Hard to fill with water is not necessary, it is necessary to maintain constant soil moisture.