Little ovaries of cucumber – looking for a reason

The main things to look for when a similar situation are:
- lack of moisture;
- excessive humidity;
- failure to observe the basic rules of soil moisture;
- inconsistency of the optimal temperature mode;
- exceeding standards in the fertilizer;
- insufficient use of aged seeds.

Cucumbers are heat - loving and whimsical in relation to watering. Moisture is the main component on the way to a good harvest. The optimal temperature for growing vegetables - 25 ° C and slightly above.

In the fall of the temperature below 15 ° C it is possible to stop the growth and development of plants.

The main thing you need to remember when planning watering cucumbers – used water should be as warm because the cold negatively affects the delicate root system of plants. Ideal – hydration-heated the day of the ground summer temperatures. Make watering is best in the 5-6 PM, in this case, by nightfall, the soil will have time to clear my head.

Cucumbers and fertilizers. How to do it right

Good friable soil, easily permeable to air is an important condition for proper growth and development of plants. But in any case, you cannot rely on those trace elements, the content of which is taken care of nature. It is crucial for the whole period of vegetation, flowering and fruiting to make additional servings of mineral fertilizers. It is best if weekly will be the alternation of different types of insertion elements. In the complete absence or the fact that the ovary will not be enough, may cause deficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus.

In the first two weeks are especially important to the enrichment of the soil with nitrogen fertilizers. This time in 7 days diluted Cup of mullein 10 liters of water. During the period of active flowering increases the need for phosphorus.

Old age is a joy. Properly select the seeds

There is a misconception that new is always good. In the cultivation of cucumbers this law does not apply. When used fresh, gathered in the last year of seed it may happen that the fruit on the plant will be quite small. Therefore, experienced agronomists advise you to pay attention to the date of collection of seed material and choose the one which is at least 2-3 years.

If desired, you can seed artificial aging method. It's enough to dry them in the oven at a relatively low temperature of 50oC. The second variant of the global drying we can consider the placement of seeds in a gauze bag on the battery in the fall, where they must remain until the end of winter. To use these methods need very carefully, because there is a risk of overheating and destruction.