Women typically resort to staining in those cases when it is necessary to change the image, refresh your hair color or just paint oozed gray. Unfortunately, not always is successful, because the selected color may look not as planned. To visit to the hairdresser or hair coloring at home has improved your appearance, you must adhere to several recommendations regarding the selection of hair treatments and coloring.

Top 5 common mistakes when painting with

Despite the presence of detailed instructions placed on the packaging of any hair dye, not all spend the time to carefully read it. Some people just don't want to carefully follow the recommendations outlined there.

Starting a hair coloring without conducting a trial test for compliance with the desired color stated. Not always the result of coloring matches the photo on the package. To avoid disappointment, it is helpful to paint a small curl about the neck and to evaluate the result.

Not all know whether to wash my hair before coloring your hair, and so cause the composition dirty and matted strands. Meanwhile, before painting hair should be clean. It is necessary to wash them with shampoo and a conditioner use is strictly prohibited.

Sometimes women randomly increase the time of staining, suggesting that it will make the color more consistent. The result of such carelessness or Amateur can become unnatural hair color or damage their structure.

In an effort to radically change the image, some desperate ladies hair dye in the color opposite of natural. In fact, hair color must match the color type of a person. So to paint the hair paint, which is more than 2 shades lighter or darker than your natural shade, it is impossible.

How to dye your hair right?

First of all, you should consider to entrust this procedure to an experienced hairdresser. He will not only find a shade of paint that matches your appearance, but will also color the hair more gentle methods.

If you decided to choose a home coloring, carefully read the instructions supplied with the tube of paint, and carefully follow all outlined in the recommendations. Don't forget to wash it before painting and allow to dry hair. If you were doing a Perm, to dye your hair only in 10 days after her. Moreover, during this period of time the hair should be washed at least 2 times.

Paint hair properly and remember that the result of a casual approach to this procedure often become lost time and money, damaged hair and a foul mood.