You will need
  • - plastic or porcelain bowl;
  • brush;
  • rubber or plastic gloves;
  • - hair dye;
  • an oxidizer;
  • - I will.
Purchase paint for hair. Choose the color that you want. With the help of a consultant in the store I will pick up, to avoid further unnecessary shade, as it will affect the final colour result. For example, its purple tone to hide the yellow of the hair, and the red will make the final color brighter. Usually the stores have special table which reveals all the variants of the selection mixton for any type of hair.
Select the oxidizer for paint. The percentage will depend on whether your hair is previously colored, how they are damaged, what is their thickness. Consult with an experienced hairdresser, what percentage of the oxide is right for you. For example, if you have thin, blond hair, take a three percent oxidizer. Also when buying look at your paint contains ammonia or not, since for different variants of oxidants will be different.
In accordance with the manual squeeze into prepared bowl the required number of dye and add I will. Ensure that its volume was less than that of paint. Thoroughly mix the two textures with gentle circular movements, it is advisable to do it with a brush for painting or a special spoon (they are sold in the same stores, and paint). Add desired amount of oxidizing agent and stir again. Apply the paint on the hair for quick, accurate movements, starting from the nape.