Things that may need a young mother in the first hours after birth

Going to the hospital, women usually prepare in advance all the things that they might need after the birth. Some hospitals even have a specific list of personal care items, things for the baby that you must take with you. This is due to the fact that in various medical institutions requirements may be slightly different.

If a woman for whatever reason were not able to collect a bag in maternity home in advance, her husband needed to bring her some things in the first hours after birth.

It is desirable to clarify the young mother has what she needs, what's allowed. This can be obtained by phone from the staff of the maternity hospital. For example, in some institutions women every day give a clean shirt, and in some hospitals they need to take with you.

In the first hours after delivery the woman may need special maternity pads, disposable underwear, or clean cotton panties, pressed from two sides, nightgown, Bathrobe. All the husband need to bring to the maternity hospital, if the wife did not take these things with him. Also she will need washable Slippers, Cup, spoon, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap.

Definitely need to bring things for the baby. The husband must bring to the hospital wet wipes, disposable diapers for babies, disposable and regular diapers. Wet wipes it is better to choose odorless. They must be designed especially for toddlers. Cloth diapers should be carefully washed and ironed on both sides. Also the baby will need a hat, socks, vest.

Products that you can bring the wife in the first hours after birth

Childbirth a heavy physical process, after which women usually feel tired. After the baby is born, the young mom needs to relax and, if possible, to eat well.

In the first hours after birth, the husband must bring his wife to eat. It should be remembered that not all products are allowed. In the nursing houses provided food, so if a woman gave birth to a baby after dinner, no need to carry her lunch.

If the birth took place late in the evening or at night, or if a woman is prescribed a special diet, my husband needs me to bring her soup, as well as a full dish. It can be a piece of lean meat, buckwheat or rice porridge, steamed vegetables. You can take fresh cheese, natural yogurt, kefir, and pure water without gases.

In some hospitals posted the list of allowed foods and those that bring you should not. If such a list exists, you need to focus on him. It should be remembered that a young mother feeds the baby's chest. The use of her allergenic foods such as chocolate, berry juice, ice-cream is absolutely unacceptable.