Delivery room

Before birth you need to prepare several bags with clothes. One such bag will be useful in the hospital right in the delivery room. The first diaper on the baby buckled almost immediately after birth.

But it is worth considering that usually a bag or is in the delivery room, or located in a designated locker. So no need to take maternity unit huge packages of things. A pack of diapers take up much space and weigh also enough. If you have too large bag, the nurse in the waiting room when you arrive to give birth, maybe even ask you to unload the bags and to give some things to your husband.

The best option is to put in the first bag for the hospital only a few pieces of diapers: two or three would be sufficient. In the normal course of childbirth and postnatal period a young mother with a baby is in the delivery room not more than 6-8 hours. Three diapers there will be enough. But if you lie there any longer, you can ask my husband to bring diapers still.

In any case, the whole pack of nappies in the maternity unit is not necessary to take. Spare staff of the hospital from dragging your heavy bags while you transfer to the postpartum ward.

Postpartum Department

In the postnatal ward the number of diapers increases many times. The baby begins to eat colostrum, respectively, starts the work of the intestine, there is a chair. And change the diaper after each bowel.

To navigate, we can assume that the diaper must be changed every 2-3 hours. Based on this calculation, one small pack of diapers should last you for all three days of stay in the hospital. Usually one pack 20-30 diapers from different manufacturers, the number is slightly different.

In addition, often in hospitals, handing out samples of different brands of diapers This is done for advertising purposes. Accordingly, the number of diapers that you will have to bring from home, is significantly reduced in this case.

If the diapers will end on the eve of the statements, you may well ask for a couple of pieces from neighbors in the ward.

But before birth to by still need several packs of diapers. First, it will be useful for your husband to have an example package that he will have to buy. Because immediately after birth, the shop often will go for it. Secondly, if you are in the hospital will come in handy more diapers than one bundle, husband will not have to go to the store, he can just take the number of diapers at home and bring it to you.