Take in advance a list of documents, items and things that are recommended in your hospital: providing different everywhere, which is strictly state-owned, and where not.
All need put in a separate packages: documents; things for "prenatal period" and the birth; things for discharge.
In the folder put:
- passport;
- birth certificate;
- insurance policy;
filled exchange card;
the results of the prescribed tests for AIDS;
- results of the ultrasound (if any);
data with the coordinates of the hospital (address, phone).
Find out beforehand what will be the relationship of the hospital with the outside world (only mobile or payphone, office phone, etc.), it is possible to take the camera, camcorder, player. Stock up on paper with pen and pencil (for notes, you need reminders).Don't forget about the favorite reading.
Take all necessary hygienic accessories: soap, toothbrush and paste, shampoo, baby soap, lotion for the face and hands, comb, handkerchiefs, toilet paper, pads, wipes or small towel (for wiping sweat, if necessary), plastic bags for soiled Laundry.
Consider the set of clothes for the house and things that you will need during childbirth and after. Useful:
- cotton nightgown or long t-shirt, cotton panties;
- socks made of natural fabrics;
- Slippers (washable).
Take care of the additional power allowed in the specific hospital. Often situations popular is non-carbonated mineral water and a specially brewed in a thermos of herbal tea for childbirth.
For the postpartum period, prepare a comfortable cotton blouse, shirt or Bathrobe. Bring two tops with front closure for nursing, breast pads, milk collection, special pads and nipple cream to heal possible cracks.
To care for a newborn buy diapers. To extract purchase light and warm vests, cap and hat, thin and flannel diaper, envelope, or one or two baby blankets. For the envelope you may need a Romper or pants with socks, a sweater. The guest of honor needs to make clothes in size, without adjusting for the old stomach. All garments for the weather.