Getting ready to the hospital

First a couple of months before childbirth it is necessary to collect things that will be useful to you in the hospital. Put everything in plastic bags. Bags, usually in medical facilities are not welcome. It is worth noting that in each hospital a list of things your. In some required to bring a minimum of things for a newborn and hygiene products for you, others ask you to bring to birth a lot more. And not to drag with itself excess weight, it is better to specify in advance in the medical institution where you plan to give birth, what to take with you. Separately fold and place the top of the pack for a newborn who will wear it immediately after birth diaper, socks, Onesie, cap.

The Day "X"

The day "X" when she goes into labor or water breaks, going to the hospital, don't forget to take exchange card and passport. For a long time to change into the hospital, from home to remove the excess and to go to the hospital in a Bathrobe. After the doctor on duty will examine you and send you to roadblock, do not rush to put all the stuff from the packages. Here you will stay for a few hours, before the birth of the baby. Then you will be transferred to the postnatal ward. So just get things for the baby and things that you'll need during labor and delivery.

Usually, in hospitals the medical staff itself offers new mothers the inventory to help to move the bout – a fitball, a small Mat that you can lay on the floor, a low chair for the duck. If you are offered, ask your nurse. More walking, so the baby will be easier to descend down the birth canal. In advance to your mobile phone download a special program "Shadestalker" and mark it as the frequency of contractions. To use such a program much easier than to record the time in a notebook. So you can help the obstetrician to monitor the intensity of labor.

Be prepared for the fact that standing next to you nurses to be no, especially in the first stage, when the cervical dilatation is small. The midwife will periodically come to you for inspection, nurses, and nurses sometimes look to see that the birth process is going as expected. And most of the time to attempts you will be alone with my contractions. Afraid to stay in the house alone, bring a birth partner – a husband, mother or friend.

During contractions a woman experiences terrible pain, many panic, expectant mothers shouting with all his might, screaming for help, demanding painkillers. Don't panic and rush into the room. Shore power, they'll come in handy.

It is very important to establish contact with a midwife that accepts your baby. Do not be afraid to talk to him about your feelings and experiences. An experienced doctor is always calm and dispel all your doubts, will tell you how to facilitate and expedite the process of childbirth. Feel free to talk to the midwife, if you really wanted to use the toilet. If the opening is already large or full, it is a sure sign that the child is about to come out.

In some maternity hospitals mothers are offered a choice of position for childbirth – sitting in a special chair, lying on your back or side, sitting on a special chair, standing up. If you think in a certain position you feel stronger attempts, talk to your doctor if you can take this position. But don't insist if the doctor is not allowed. Listen to what I say to you, the paramedics, and unquestioningly follow their recommendations.

The task of the expectant mother is to give birth to light a healthy baby. This largely depends on the mood women in childbirth and of her behavior in the hospital. Do not think about the pain, think about the impending meeting with his baby. And then any difficulties you will not be afraid.