Collect and put into a plastic folder for documents that you must present at birth. Put passport, obligatory medical insurance policy, exchange card and birth certificate (issued at the place of pregnancy), contract for delivery, if you give birth in a paid Department. If you at birth is present by the husband, it must also present a passport.
A bag with things for yourself you have to collect with the requirements of the hospital. If the hospital is allowed to go in their clothes, get a kit with a Bathrobe and a nightgown. Use a special cotton set for pregnant and lactating that after the birth will not be sorry and throw. Nightgowns on the post-partum period you will need 2-3 pieces.
In Adblock to take rubber Slippers, socks. Keep in mind that in emergency room you will be asked to remove all jewelry. The maximum that is permitted – cross on a string and a wedding ring. So in the last weeks before delivery discard any jewelry. But the mobile phone to carry into the family will allow you to. Do not forget to put in the bag charger. For procedures in the emergency room you need a new razor in the package. If you have varicose veins, put a special elastic bandages or stockings.
In postpartum period, prepare the following hygiene items, put them in a plastic bag: toothbrush and toothpaste, baby soap, shampoo, wet wipes, special postpartum pads. For the first day prepare a special disposable underwear. For those who have gained a lot of weight during pregnancy, useful postpartum brace.
If you plan to breast feed the baby, gather everything you need for this process. To get rid of unpleasant stagnation in the chest, you will need a breast pump. For a comfortable feeding, prepare a special bra, absorbent breast pads, nipple cream.
If the rules of the hospital are allowed to dress the child immediately after birth, brought you clothes, gather a small bag with things for the baby. Put a couple of cotton onesies and bodysuit, socks, cap. For baby care you will need a pack of diapers, wipes, and barrier cream.