What to take to the hospital for mom

First, gather all the documents that they went to the same daddy. In the hospital you will need: passport, exchange card, birth certificate, insurance policy and, if you give birth under the contract, the contract itself. That's the first thing they will ask you when you arrive at the hospital.

The feminine hygiene products: shampoo, towel (for body, face and little to see), soap (preferably liquid, it is easier), toothbrush and paste, 3-4 packs of pads (get the biggest you can find – maxi, super maxi). Speaking of gaskets, do not think that is too much. After delivery, the woman begins profuse bleeding, so be prepared. It is better to buy an extra pack of pads than on an emergency basis to call the husband to bring you what you need. Don't forget to take toilet paper, but better – wet wipes. Because after tearing during childbirth (if they are) to use toilet paper you will just hurt. If you go to the hospital in advance, take the machine for shaving.

Underwear. From the previous paragraph it follows that g-string you can leave the house. Buy normal underpants good quality, which you will be comfortable. Take several pairs to the hospital to have the baby, not the Laundry. Don't forget the bra. Now a lot of models especially for new moms. To feed your baby you will be so much easier. But not the fact that at the hospital you are generally allowed to wear it. Because in the early days, when there is milk, the Breasts should not be squeezed.

From clothes you will need a Bathrobe, nightgown (in some hospitals new mothers give their), flip-flops. Please note, you do not need to take their favorite soft flip flops to the hospital. Buy conventional rubber. First, will not have problems with their washing, and secondly, you're not going to take off my shoes in the shower?

When youre going to the hospital, don't forget about cosmetics. You'll need it to extract. And the mother will be nice to see pictures. Comb, by the way, too. It's just sitting at home on the couch it seems that nothing will be forgotten. And then it turns out that the gown was left hanging in the closet, the comb lying on the shelf, and insurance – do not know what happened. Take duties seriously.

If you are planning to go to the hospital in advance, so take a good book or crossword puzzles. Because lying and staring at the ceiling you get bored after half an hour. Don't forget the phone charger and headphones. In your free time you can listen to the music. If you are going to go to the hospital at the last moment, put only the phone and charging. Everything else you just do not need.

Pre fill it with a mug, a spoon and a plate. Grab some food and drink. But if you are coming from to give birth, forget about the food, leave it at home. Before birth still can not eat it.

And another important point. Many of the women in the first days after birth cracks in the nipple. The feeling is not pleasant. While there is time, go to the drugstore, buy ointment, Bepanthen. I personally have never met any mother who would be unhappy with this drug. The ointment can be used from the first days, it is absolutely harmless for the baby.

What to take to hospital for baby

Children's hygiene. What this includes? Wipes – 1 pack. Baby cream or powder. Baby liquid soap. Make sure that it can be used from the first days of baby's life. Don't forget to take with itself in maternity home the package of diapers from 3 to 6 kg. Even if you the first day you decide to give them up, to extract a diaper certainly needed.

Take the necessary clothes for the baby. You will be enough 2 caps, 3-4 vests (better to take those that are fastened with buttons in front), socks... and Yet that's all. Diaper will give you in the hospital, so there is absolutely no point lugging a whole suitcase of its own. Clothes for discharge you will bring and then the relatives. Don't scare the doctors a number of their bags. Take only what you need.

In any case do not take to the hospital pacifier! I already wrote in one of his articles that before the baby will take the nipple in his mouth, he needs to learn how to breastfeed. No exceptions here can not be. Your doctor will tell you the same thing.