The Action Of "Penicillin"

The drug has bacteriostatic, and bactericidal action. The active substance in the drug is benzylpenicillin.

Medication is especially effective when development in the body streptococci, pneumococci, gonococci, meningococci, as well as pathogens of tetanus and separate stamps of staphylococci. But the treatment of "Penicillin" is meaningless when ingested Pseudomonas and midlanders sticks and causative agents of cholera and plague.

Indications for use

"Penicillin" is used for severe diseases, such as sepsis, sulfonilmocevinnah in all cases, and also after injury with infection. In exceptional cases, the drug is used in various inflammations of eyes and ears.

The clinic of internal diseases uses "Penicillin" as a means of dealing with lobar pneumonia, when used in conjunction with sulfa drugs. As well as this drug prophylactics and treatment of rheumatism.

Allowed the use of "Penicillin" for childhood diseases. The drug is required when the umbilical sepsis, pneumonia in infants, and ear infections in infants and preschool-age, with septic form of scarlet fever and pleuropulmonary and process, which are not amenable to treatment with other drugs. Before the treatment of "Penicillin" should undertake a study of patient tolerance of the drug components.

The use of the drug

"Penicillin" effective in resorbtive and local action. It is permissible to use any method of drug administration into the body, but best of them is intramuscular injection. Once in the muscle, the drug is almost immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and disperses throughout the body, exerting a therapeutic effect. But meningitis and encephalitis should be combined intramuscular method of administration with endolumbar.

To the action of the drug to be effective, its concentration in the blood must be not less than 0,2 IU. To maintain the concentration it is administered every 3-4 hours. Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases occurs in special instructions.


People with individual intolerance to penicillin treatment with contraindicated. It is also not recommended in the treatment of "penicillin" of people with bronchial asthma, hives or increased sensitivity to antibiotics, sulfonamides and other drugs. And, of course, prone to allergic reactions people also not shown the drug.