You will need
  • - passport of the present and future owners of the SIM card (fixed phone);
  • - other documents, if required.
Come to the customer care Department of a mobile operator, serving you to renew the contract for another person. In this case, you need to attend you and to the person in whose name the reissued contract for communication services.
Also you should have both on hand. It is worth noting that the passport is desirable but not mandatory. If you have another document confirming your identity as the owner of the SIM card, it will fit too. If the future owner is not able to be present at the procedure of re-registration of the SIM card (for example, he lives in another city), find out about the possibility of that person confirming the identity of the document in the other branch of the mobile operator.
If you wish to renew landline phone, you need to contact the phone company that serves you by bringing the application for renewal. In addition, you must have the following documents: the passport and the certificate on the property right of each participant to the procedure (he has six), a certificate of prescribed persons at this address (taken in the housing Department). And don't forget the certificate of compliance on installed apparatus or a data sheet, which must be included in the packaging of the phone.
In addition, you will need documents that prove payment of re-registration of the phone number. The amount varies depending on the company you supports, and the region in which you reside. Details about the complete list of required documents and procedure for re-registration numbers can be found in one of the offices of the telephone company that supports you.
In case of death of the owner of the SIM card contact mandatory to the operator with pre-written statement on the termination of communications services. In this case, you also have the option to renew the room, but it is necessary to clarify the employees of the company. In case of death of the owner of a landline phone also need to contact the office serving you company. And that, in either case required to provide copies of confirming the fact of death of the owner of the SIM card (landline) documents.