You will need
  • - information about tariffs for services of cellular communication;
The choice of mobile operator is largely dependent on where you live. If citizens can choose among several companies providing cellular services, rural residents often have only one available. In the latter case, it is not about finding the right operator, and the choice of the most convenient tariff is the only available provider of cellular services.
If you have several operators, one of the important selection criteria is information about the services of any operator and enjoy your relatives, friends, acquaintances. Calls within the network are much cheaper than calls to numbers of other mobile operators, so the choice of the same mobile phone company will save you a lot of money.
The second important point is the cost of the services provided - in particular, the cost of minute of conversation. Please note that the advertised services are often untrue, so the actual per-minute costs may be higher than promised. For an accurate view rates go to regional sites operators and carefully penetrate all the details. The most important information is often written in the fine print.
Very often mobile operators stipulate the minimal cost of minute of conversation connection of any additional services, which in itself is paid. In this case, you every day will hold some money, even if you are not using the phone. It is important to evaluate your actual monthly volume of calls and to calculate which option is most beneficial for you – with the inclusion of extra services that reduce the cost of minute of conversation, or without them.
If you use a cell phone to access the Internet, pay attention to the cost of Internet traffic. It would be cheaper to use different rates and therefore different SIM card for calls and Internet. For network operation it is convenient to use a USB modem and an appropriate tariff – for example, "MegaFon".
Please note for services is automatically connected when buying a SIM card. They can be you absolutely do not need, but for them you will regularly charge a fee. Very often the caller simply ignores several day shoot in rubles, but for the month accumulates quite a decent amount. Such services, in particular, suffers from "MTC".
The communication quality of most operators is usually at quite a high level, so the choice is almost not affected. But the opportunity to apply for service is a fairly important point. In particular, very uncomfortable "answering machine" is used by "MegaFon" company. Instead just dial the number and ask a question, the customer has to spend time entering different numbers, while there is no guarantee to find the necessary information.
After analyzing all the pros and cons of available services, select the appropriate operator and connect the most optimal rate. In this case, you will be able to obtain the best ratio of quality and cost used mobile.