Many people for one reason or another, want to change mobile operator, but keep your old number. Today is an opportunity for citizens of the Russian Federation is provided.

Is it possible to keep your old number?

December 1, 2013, the company launched a corresponding decree about change of operator without changing the already familiar phone number. To take advantage of the new, but already popular service, you will need to write a statement service center that the mobile operator, which made the decision to move the service. The period of transition from one operator to another is carried out for eight days from the date of the written statement. Once the transition is made, the selected the new mobile operator will give you a SIM card but retain all the familiar rooms. That you are served by the new tariffs, the phone receives the message. The cost of the service is purely symbolic – only 100 rubles. But at the time of transition on your current account must not have any debts, otherwise the operation will fail. Need to know what the service is free if the old operator for 8 days after writing the statements you handed your number to a new operator.

If you still decide to move from one mobile operator to another, it is worth considering that the service is available in only one region (Moscow oblast, Rostov oblast only, and so on).

The nuances of transition from one mobile operator to another

Today provided transition services following mobile operators: MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, Rostelecom and Tele2. Other mobile operators are not currently willing to provide this service. To compare the number of ready operators to provide a service to transition from unprepared, you should know that in Russia there are around 70 mobile operators.

To make the transition from one operator to another can not occur more than once in 70 days, so it's best to think carefully and weigh all the pros and cons of this procedure. It should also be noted that with the transition to the new package, but retaining the old number might not catch the connection in roaming, and also be other unforeseen moments. But all possible discomforts that may arise during the use of the old number with the new operator, you will be notified before the transition will be implemented.

If the transition from one operator to another successfully performed, with receipt of the new SIM card you can use all the services of the new operator, while retaining your favorite room.