Enema is used to clean the intestines from fecal stones, toxins that cannot get out of the body, leading to metabolic disorders. Thus there is a lot of trouble in the form of diseases or overweight.

Currently very popular enema with baking soda. This procedure involves the use of a small portion of this product is to normalize the PH of the water. Soda solution is introduced into the colon and raises the PH balance to the alkaline side.

Environment, having an alkaline character, are favorable for the colon, allows you to cause less spasm. Use this procedure increasing the acidity of the stool, which are observed, for example, with indigestion. This remedy has a calming effect, which in turn significantly eases the pain in the colon and the anus. And, in addition, a product like soda, which is included in the procedure, helps to avoid constipation.

Enema with soda from worms

Is used enema with soda against helminthiasis. By the way, worms is a common cause of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, they cause diarrhea or constipation, nausea, enteritis, enterocolitis. They also provoke respiratory diseases, neurological disorders (causeless irritation, dizziness, headaches, epilepsy, tics), allergic reactions, mental disorders and chronic fatigue.

It should be understood that the helminth toxins depressing effect on the circulatory system and also provoke anemia. Known cases where the worms can provoke cancer. Affecting the human nervous system, the venom secreted by parasites, causes sleep disorders and abnormalities in muscle tone. In General, the worms weaken the immune system, thereby exacerbating the course of many ailments. That is why it is important not to delay treatment and to get rid of them by any means and ways.

Enema with baking soda for weight loss

In recent years an enema with the use of baking soda is widely used in order to weight loss. Reviews of people who have tried this method myself, testify only about the effectiveness of this simple means. It was noticed that after the first such procedures may take about two pounds of excess weight.

Enema with soda perfectly removes accumulated dirt from the body, improves cellular function, absorption of food nutrients. It promotes the activity of the intestine, which in result causes a gradual getting rid of accumulated body fat.