You will need
  • For the production of an enema is needed: mug Esmarch or syringe, boiled water (1,5-2 liters) temperature of the body, vaseline or vegetable oil, wool, cloth, a bowl or bucket, sometimes for the best result in 2 liters of water add a spoonful of grated washing soap. A similar action in the same proportions have glycerin or vegetable oil.
For the introduction into the intestine of a large amount of water, use mug Esmarch. Prepare a tripod or other means to lock at 1 meter above the level of the patient. Fill a mug with water. If necessary, add soap or oil. Lubricate the tip with oil or vaseline. Opening the faucet, or clamp, release the air and under water, close.
Lay the patient on the couch, pre-covered with oilcloth, the edges of which should hang in a bowl or bucket. The position of the patient should be on the left side with legs bent and tightened to the stomach feet.
The fingers of one hand, spread the buttocks, and the other hand insert the tip into the anus for 2 cm toward the umbilicus and then parallel to the spine. Open the valve or clamp a mug Esmarch and gradually add all the liquid. The flow rate can be adjusted by the position of the mug. The higher the circle, the faster the water flows, however, the rapid flow of water can cause pain and premature urge to defecate.
After infusion of water, before retracting tip ask the patient to squeeze buttocks and the anus. Despite the urge of defecation, it is desirable to withstand time in 5-10 minutes, for admission of water to all sections of the intestine and the best of its liberation from the stool. The used probe should be treated and boiled.
In the treatment of gynecological diseases or diseases of the rectum, when it is sufficient to release the feces from the lower intestine, cleansing enemas can be done with a syringe with a plastic tip. A technique of setting the same.
How to make <strong>enema</strong>
In some diseases of the rectum and anus (hemorrhoids, fissures), and ulcerative processes of the intestinal mucosa or acute pain in the abdomen to put an enema is contraindicated.