You must first find out the IP address you are interested in computer. This can be done using the mail program MS Outlook. When viewing e-mails using this service, right-click the email address of your correspondent.
In the drop-down menu, select "Properties" and go to the tab "Details". In the line Received: from beside the name of the sender will receive its IP address. If the mail is sent from the computer working in LAN, you will see the network address of the gateway.
Many online services offer to determine a geographic address and other data of the computer based on its IP. Note that all of them misleading information about the Internet provider that maintains the computer. Go to the website 2ip and follow the link "Information about the IP address..."
In the field "IP address" enter the desired combination of numbers and click "Check". The response of the program will be data about the provider: legal address, geographical location, phone, Fax, etc.
The other known service is the linkВ right side of the screen, click "information about the IP". You are interested in enter the network address in the corresponding field and click "Learn about IP". The program displays the data about the geographic location of the provider, as well as a fragment Google maps with the locality in which is situated the office.
You can install on your computer free software LanWhoIs, which will collect information about IP addresses and domains. Download it on the developer's site and run it. Enter in the "Address" corresponding to a combination of numbers and press the "Request" button on the toolbar. The result can be saved using "Save" in menu "File".
It must be borne in mind that many users take steps to hide your IP address. If the person is using proxy servers or anonymizers, you will not be able to determine its location, even approximately.