The need to identify a providerwho owns a specific ip address can occur in different situations. For example, you were able to calculate the Ah-PI the computer whose owner was illegally connected to your car or commit other unlawful acts. In this case, you can inform the provider about actions committed in a certain time from a certain ip address.
If you suspect illegal connection to your computer type in the command prompt ("start – All programs – accessories – Command prompt") command netstat –aon and press Enter. You will see a list of all connections specifying external addresses, the port to which you are connected, connection status and other data. Knowing the ip you can try to find a provider.
To determine the provider's very simple, it is sufficient to use one of the many network services that provide appropriate services. For example, this: Insert you are interested in Ah-pee in the box and press the "Request" button, you will receive all the information you need about the provider, including phone numbers and email addresses.
If necessary, you can learn the location of the computer using the appropriate service: Click on the page "Geocode", then type in the search box desired address. On the map is marked the location of the computer. Actually, this option does not guarantee accurate positioning, but to know the region allows.
You should know that to really calculate hacker is almost impossible, as more or less experienced attacker always work in network using proxy server, VPN or "Dedic" - another hacked computer. So you, in the best case, determine the address of the proxy server or the person whose computer as intermediates used by the hacker.