You will need
  • browser.
Connect the Internet on the computer. Next, run the browser to go through it to the Internet. Write in the address bar of the website This portal allows in real time to find out information about the ip address. You can also find complete information about any website. Once the website has loaded in the browser, click on the button called "check your IP". Next, click on the "Continue" button. The system will give you full information and IP address. Below will be written the company service provider you are using.
You can make additional checks on the IP address of the provider. To do this, click on the tab "Check IP address or website". The system will give you complete information about this IP address. Will also be presented the complete list of all the addresses and offices of the company and the city, where the main office. However, to determine the IP address of the provider only through the Internet. Usually the computer operating system may provide complete and the most accurate information about your provider. This is done through the command line of the computer. Click on the "start" button and select "Run". Type ipconfig/all. Press Enter to have the system search for the network and brought the information to you. As soon as the system finishes scanning, you will see a window in which will be information about the provider.
Such information is usually indicated in the documents issued to you at registration.When you sign a contract, it describes the main details of the ISP, including IP address. Typically, these data are given to verify the connection. Find these documents at home and review them.
Can using computer-generated connections to find out information about the provider. To do this click on the label "My computer". Next go to the tab "Network neighborhood". Select the connection that is provided by the ISP. For example, you have written "STC coupling". Right click on this shortcut and select "Properties". Next, click on the Details tab. The system will give you information about the provider.