You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
If you want to know the DNSserver of your ISP, open a command prompt with the utility "Run" in the menu "start" Windows XP or search box in Windows Vista or Seven. Enter cmd and press Enter then you should see a small window black.
Use Latin keyboard layout, type ipconfig/all. You should get the most complete information about the provider, including its DNSserver. Please note that at the time of execution of this action requires that the local area connection and Internet connection must be enabled.
To find out your provider's DNS, go to his official website or use another reliable source of information, and then review the data with regards to this information in the informational section. Also, often such information is provided on the payment cards and informational brochures provided to clients of the company.
Call the technical support service used by your ISP, then go to receive information, if such is provided for in the system of the auto, if it is missing, contact the employee help Desk to obtain the information you need.
Double-click the left button of the mouse on the icon of your active Internet connection on the quick access toolbar in the lower right corner of the screen. You should open a small window containing information about the connection. Go to the tab called "Details" and review the information used by the DNSserver. Also the DNS data you can find on various websites dedicated to background information Internet service providers.