Use any Internet service that provides a free information service about everything related to domains and IP addresses in the databases of organizations-registrars. Finding them is easy, as the implementation of the Whois-queries using web scripts, the task is very simple. Of course, there are such services on the websites of the companies-registrars. Take, for example, the whois service of one of the largest Russian registrars
Go to whois site company In the box under "Enter a domain hostname or IP address" box, enter the words you IP address and send a request to the server click the green Check button or just press Enter.
When the page will load with information from the Registrar's database, find the row person - it is in the English language indicate the name and surname of the owner of the IP address, but rather the domain name, who allocated that IP. In the subsequent lines, you can find information about the address of the owner of the two-line address - and phone - string phone.
If the owner doesn't want his personal information available through a whois request, you will not find them there - most registrars offer their customers the service of "protection from spam". In this case, use the information in this e-mail address of the owner or company's Registrar write a letter asking to call the name of the owner, and explain the reason for his interest.
If you know the IP address of any visitor to the site and you want to know the name of the results of the whois request to determine the Internet service provider that uses the block of addresses including this one. Then please contact us by email, via the website or phone service provider's other legal ways to solve this problem does not exist.