When you connect the computer to any network, local or global, it is assigned a unique ip address. At this address to contact other computers on the network. With it, the computer may receive and transmit various data, texts, music and everything else, the ip address (from eng. Internet Protocol Address consists of four bytes and indicates the address of the network subnet and the destination computer.
To determine the ip address of the owner just will not work in any case. You can define a network node through which the owner left in the network. Most likely it is the ISP that provides Internet access or one of the proxy servers that can disguise users in the network. If the owner of the ip address not using proxy server, you can refer to the found provider and complain to the owner. You will only need to paint the problem and the damage that you have caused the owner of the searched ip address.
To determine the provider (or proxy server, which for us is worse)you need to use one of the services on the Internet that provide similar information, for example Go to this website and enter we need the ip address and the site gives all necessary information, including her, find e-mail provider and send him a letter with the above content. In addition to the e-mail addresses will also be information about the region, city and other contact data of the provider.
If the owner desired ip addresses to use different proxy server, then find it without the help of law enforcement unfortunately does not work, because the employees of the companies under any circumstances will not reveal the anonymity of their clients.