Waiting for a baby

During pregnancy you need to carefully take care of your health because during this period, the consumption of pharmaceuticals is not desirable due to the large number of side effects. But what if you still caught a cold and a runny nose, you have a headache, have risen or decreased pressure, or you have any chronic diseases, allergies, diabetes or other?

What medication can be taken while waiting for baby

In the case of colds if you suffer from sore throat, you cough, runny nose, headache and temperature, you can take the following medicines: "Oscillococcinum", "Aflubin" to relieve symptoms of the common cold spray "Akvamaris", nasal drops "Pinosol", "Derinat" (help to boost immunity), pills "Sinupret" from the common cold and nasal congestion.
In the treatment of cough will help you marshmallow syrup, "Exodia", lozenges and medicine "Dr. mom" inhaler "Bioparox", a spray for rinsing the mouth "Stopangin" approved for use in 2 and 3 trimester of pregnancy.

To eliminate the headache and the temperature you can apply a paracetamol. For the prevention of viral diseases and colds are harmless for pregnant women "Oxolinic" ointment. Heartburn and bloating drink "gaviscon", "Rennie" without sugar, "Espumizan" perfectly cope with the problem of intestinal discomfort. Can also help relieve headaches and other toning abdominal pain, "But-shpa", it is more harmless than the "Nurofen" or "caution", but also, be careful with her acceptance, and "Magnesium B6", also helps pregnant women with muscular pains.

If you experience constipation use "Duphalac" or glycerin suppository. The bowels will adjust the drug "Linex", poisoning and intoxication will be removed "Limontar" with the contents of succinic and citric acids, which, without stopping, removed from the body together with toxins. Swelling will go away if you drink a decoction of the leaves of orthosiphon. Stress and a nervous condition in early pregnancy will eliminate Valerian, do not exceed 4 tablets a day.
Also in pregnant women, due to their condition in the last stages of pregnancy in 90% cases, you may receive a yeast infection. It will help to cope ointment "Clotrimazole", it would instantly relieve the itching.

In any case, before taking any medications, consult you doctor leading.