If your condition you don't need drugs or you need a rare and expensive drug, is not on the list of the health Ministry of the Russian Federation, and not with cheap ones, you can refuse the benefits of free distribution of drugs. After all, if your drug is not on the list or it goes to the pharmacy warehouse regularly, you will still have to pay, since we are talking about life and death.
You can opt out of benefits completely or partially, by application to the local office of the Pension Fund. In accordance with the latest government regulations you must do this before 1 October of the current year to benefits were cancelled starting from 1 January next year. So if you got a disability, for example, in November, to waive the preferential drugs in the coming year you can not. Although some regions have adopted additional legislation supporting the rights of persons with disabilities in such situations.
In that case, if you subsequently decide to waive benefits, you have the opportunity to submit a further statement in the period up to April 1 of the year in which you started to instead of drugs money.
The statement of withdrawal of benefits must be submitted to the Department of Pension Fund of the Russian Federation annually on the same terms. So if you are after a year decided to return benefits, they will recover automatically if you are not going to apply for their withdrawal.
If you cannot reach the Pension Fund, invite to the house of the notary and, or make a statement that he will pledge or write a power of attorney to a close relative. Disabled 3 groups can call home for the compilation of the application and the employee Pension Fund.