What vitamins are free of charge

A list of free medicines should be shared, he's usually hanging near the IRS or at the information booth. In his absence, should ask the list, approved by the guide, head of women's consultation or the older midwives.

The list shows the different drugs and different manufacturers. What kind of medication will be written, decides an obstetrician-gynecologist. Often an objective reason issued only a few drugs that are available intended for subsidized health care to certain population groups.

List of multivitamins, prescription free

- "Vitrum", including "Prenatal," "Prenatal Forte", "Superstress" in packs of 30, 60 or 100 tablets;
- "Complivit", including "Mom" Asset" in packs of 30 or 60 tablets;
- "Multi-tabs", including "Intensive", "Klassik", "Perinatal", "Active" in packs of 30, 60 or 90 tablets;
- "Elevit, Printall" in packs of 30 or 100 tablets;
- "Ascorbic acid", including the "anti-Stress", "does not help the sick" in packs of 30 and 60 tablets;
- "Ferrovie", including "Ferrovie Forte in packs of 30 and 60 tablets;
- "REVITA" "REVITA-SEE" in packs of 100 tablets;
- "Undevit" including "Undevit-SEE", in packs of 50 tablets.

List of multivitamins prescribed for pregnant women, may vary depending on the region of residence. The above drugs are prescribed most often.

Additionally, pregnant women can be prescribed iron preparations, vitamins A and E, iodine, calcium and folic acid.
Some multivitamins do not contain the necessary iodine, so be careful and ask the doctor to prescribe additional iodine or to replace a multivitamin, having in its composition iodine.

Of course, pregnant will be easier and cheaper to get a prescription for a big pack of vitamins, pay attention to this doctor.

Some pregnant women tend to discuss tactics doctors, especially when it comes to free prescriptions. So, in early pregnancy usually prescribe multivitamins, closer to the middle, where is formed the nervous system – increases the need for folic acid, which is why pregnant women may want peas or beans (beans contain large amounts of folic acid). During the formation of the skeleton, that is in the second half of pregnancy – prescribed calcium supplements. 37-38 weeks calcium cancel in order not to provoke premature aging of the placenta and hardening of the skull bones of the fetus.

If you do not provide a list of free drugs or refuse to write a prescription, please contact your insurance company. You can also write a letter on the website of the city administration, in the appropriate section. These measures help to address the issue of free health care in the next 3-5 days.

Except vitamins for pregnant women rely and drugs that are also free under the terms of the national project "Health".