Preferential provision of medicines put veterans and disabled war veterans, disabled 1 and 2 groups and disabled children. These citizens belong to the Federal beneficiaries and drugs for them are financed from the Federal budget. Children up to 3 years (from families with many children up to 6 years) are also entitled to free medicines, only few parents know about it, as in children's clinics this information is somehow not voiced. Each region has its own regional list of beneficiaries who must be provided with preferential medicines. In addition, the treatment of certain diseases funded by the state regardless of age and status of the patient. These include: AIDS, tuberculosis, diabetes and many others. Persons with myocardial infarction in the first six months after him are also entitled to free medicines.
Contact the clinic to see the doctor. Please submit a document confirming your right to preferential medicines. Persons with disabilities should submit a certificate from the Pension Fund that they are not refused from social package, which includes the provision of medicines. With veterans will ask veterans ID card, and retirees - pension. All citizens must also show a compulsory medical insurance policy and SNILS.
Get the doctor reimbursed prescription, which is valid for two weeks. Immediately contact a pharmacy that caters to these recipes. If prescribed medication is missing, leave a recipe for deferred maintenance, but make sure that its data is brought in special magazine. Within 10 days the pharmacy must deliver the assigned medication.
If in a week the medication had not arrived to the pharmacy, contact personally or by phone "a hot line" the Department of Health. It will try to solve your problem in a short time.