Types of stitches in time

The surgical incisions are performed in two ways: manual and mechanical.

For stitches using suture material that can be biological, absorbable sutures – catgut or synthetic non-absorbable - nylon, nylon.

The seams, which is applied immediately after the operation, is called the primary. If the wound after surgery granuliruth on suturing, which is called secondary.

There are still provisory stitches, it is applied on the wound, but the threads do not tighten. This is done in case there is a risk of development of inflammatory process in the wound. These sutures are tightened after three to four days for testimony.

Seam to impose on the third day after surgical treatment wounds referred to as delayed primary suture.

Types of stitches according to the type of execution

If the wound is shallow and is located on the surface of the skin, it imposes a removable suture of non-absorbable material, after wound healing, the suture is removed. Wounds that deeply hurt the soft tissue sutured with absorbable suture material. The threads of this seam not removed.

According to the method of suturing wounds of the joints are divided
- on the host,
- a continuous,
- purse-string,
- suture,
- Z-shaped

A suture by hand use needle holders, which may be straight or curved. In needle holders needle is inserted. The needles may be of various configurations. At the top of the needle is the eye, through which odevaetsya thread of suture material.

Currently, more and more applications received mechanical sewing machine in which thread is using tantalum brackets. If the wound is only superficial and is not affected by soft tissue, a suture on the wound and the nurse who conducts self-administration. With deep, touching the soft tissue of the wound that requires debridement, suture imposes only a practitioner.

Removal of stitches depends on the condition of the wound, the General condition of the patient and on the condition that the skin around the wound tight. Special attention should be paid to wound healing in the elderly.

Specific seams

For sutures in some organs and tissues of the human body used a specific surgical sutures: intestinal, nervous, vascular and tendon joints.

In all cases, and types of surgical sutures all surgical instruments, suture and dressing materials must be strictly sterile.