The cough treatment of folk ways

Very effective treatment radish. Grate it on grater and squeeze the juice. Take the honey and mix with juice. Take the mixture two tablespoons before meals.

Quick way to get rid of cough - onion syrup. Take 3-4 onions and finely chop. Pour the Cup of sugar and simmer for about three hours. In the boiled syrup, add 50-100 g of honey. Take it after eating 5 tablespoons.

Try to prepare a syrup from boiled lemon. Take a whole lemon and boil for 10 minutes. Squeeze the juice from it, add honey and a tablespoon of glycerin. Consume this syrup teaspoon before each meal.

Kalina is also very good for coughs. Grind the fresh fruit of viburnum with a small amount of sugar. At the first sign of sore throat take a tablespoon.
Ginger tea is another remedy which will help to cure a cough without antibiotics. Finely chop the ginger root. Mix with honey, add lemon and cover with boiling water. Drink this tea every two hours. By drinking ginger tea cough and runny nose are during the week.
For ease of cough and sputum discharge, take the following extract. Add the crushed sage in a glass of hot milk. Allow to steep for 30 minutes. Drink it before going to sleep hot.
A very good therapeutic effect in cough have inhalation. Doing them with a steam inhaler or a nebulizer. By breathing steam dried Airways moist and the mucus clears throat faster. For better results, use essential oils of lavender, cypress, peppermint.
Inexpensive and effective remedy for cough mustard plasters. Use them in the protracted dry or wet cough. Use every day once a day, but not more than 4 days in a row. Put mustard between the shoulder blades and chest.
Very effective and compresses for coughs. They are hot and cold, dry, oily, alcohol. Very effective is a compress of honey. Take the honey and RUB them on the chest. Wrap chest kerchief and cover up with a blanket. The breast should warm up well. Rinse off the honey and oil body vegetable oil with a few drops of essential oil.
Follow the humidity in the house. It should not be too dry. Otherwise there will be a dryness of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and expectoration of sputum from the lungs much more difficult.
In treatment of cough brings tangible results massage. The most effective do the massage in the evening before bedtime with the use of ointments and creams that have a warming effect ( Doctor, Skipidarov ointment bromatology, etc.).
It is very important to watch your diet when you cough. Drink milk oat porridge, grated radish, seasoned with vegetable oil. To calm the cough can be a glass of grape juice. Avoid eating sweets and spicy foods.