Causes of purulent cough, possible complications

Often the cough and the presence of pus in the sputum are symptoms of purulent bronchitis that develops after an untreated acute bronchitis or due to improper treatment when they are appointed agents, do not affect the causative agent. In purulent bronchitis during the day, with a cough may be released with about 250 ml of sputum, may also experience shortness of breath, fatigue, low-grade fever, sweating, muscle pain associated with their strain when coughing.

In protracted course of the disease may develop obstruction (impaired patency of the bronchi due to accumulation of phlegm). This is the most severe form of the disease, as it can cause pneumonia (pneumonia). For the treatment of severe purulent cough should always consult a doctor.
Purulent chronic bronchitis can worsen with hypothermia, colds, severe stress, allergic reactions.

The strong treatment of purulent cough

Drug therapy is with antibiotics. Most often prescribe drugs broad-spectrum. In addition to the effect of mucolytic (expectorant) drugs to improve sputum discharge, medications that expand the bronchi, for example, "Aminophylline", "ACC", "Bronhorus".

If the cough is caused by allergies, prescribed antihistamines to help with swelling. For the successful treatment of severe purulent cough in addition to medical treatment apply the following treatment methods: heat treatment (e.g., mustard), inhalations, therapeutic gymnastics, physiotherapy (UHF, IKV, electrophoresis). They are administered in the absence of temperature. To expedite recovery you need plenty of warm drinks, (with raspberry, honey, lime blossom), will benefit from regular walks in the fresh air.
In the treatment of purulent cough will be effective massage, because it improves the secretory function of bronchial tubes.

In coordination with the physician in addition to the basic treatment, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine. In this case, it is recommended to use the internal fat of animals. It is used inside, and an external agent. Fats improve the expectoration, and it speeds up the healing process. In the treatment of purulent cough strong will effective breast fees with sage, chamomile, plantain, garlic inhalation. After recovery, the physician recommended a course of therapy to strengthen the immune system.